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Review of the Neato XV-15 with brush and filter of the Neato XV-25


neato XV-15

I tested the new filter and the new brush of the Neato XV-25 also known as the XV-21 on my Neato XV-15.

The new combo brush is made of plastic laminate for both the frame and hairs. Neato Robotics new brush is more effective on carpets, especially with collecting the hairs from pets. In addition, it reduces the sound volume from 77 db to 69 db, as we found during the test of the brush of the VR100 Kobold (the brush of the VR100 is identical to that of the XV-25).

The new filter allows for an improvement of air flow as well as better filtering of fine particles and hair. And according to the manufacturer; “the folds in the filter fabric create a surface larger than the standard filters and traps 3 times more fine particles to reduce the allergens in your house”.

With these two new accessories Neato Robotics are intended for people with domestic pets or common allergies for their XV-25 model.

Test of sugar on hard ground: a new record !

You know well this test that I reproduce for each vacuum cleaner robot.

The first time, I tested only the new filter with the old brush. During this first test, the Neato picked up 39 of 50 grams of sugar. It is therefore a new record before the Roomba 700 series and the Neato XV-15 in its original configuration which had recovered 72 %. With this result the Neato XV-15 supports even the head of the classification Kelrobot passing before the Roomba.

During the test I was very impressed with its suction capacity, after its passage there was almost no grains of sugar left. If it is capable of reaching the sugar on the edge it wouldn’t be far from being 100% !

On the other side of the coin, the filter becomes clogged easily, you will need a little more time to clean so that it retains all its effectiveness.

On the other hand, the results are quite different if one combines the new brush and the new filter as you can see in the video below:

On the 50 grams, the Neato XV-15 that we could rename XV-25 achieved 30 grams. The new brush is therefore less effective on hard ground. For example, one sees that the grains of sugar in the joints of the tiles are not recovered.

Test of the new brush conclusive on carpet

I reproduced the test of sugar on carpet with the former and then the new brush, while retaining the new filter with the aim of whether the new brush is more effective on carpet as the manufacturer announced.

With the original brush, the Neato XV-15 has sucked 26 of 50 grams, result widely improved thanks to the new brush with 31 grams sucked!

The new brush actually improved the cleaning on carpets. Here’s the video of the test.

Note that the new brush retains more hair which is not the case with the original brush. The new brush therefore requires regular maintenance. Here is the brush after use on a surface cleaned the eve:

Brosse robot aspirateur neato XV-25

My opinion on these new accesories

In conclusion, if you already have the XV-15 i highly recommend that you invest in the new filter regardless. This will improve significantly its suction as well as its ability to capture the finer particles. It will cost you 37€ for 2 filters.

On the other hand, concerning the new brush I am trialling. I think that it is of no use and even less effective than the brush of the XV-15 on hard floors. However if your floors are composed predominantly of rugs or carpets that may be worthwhile. Brushes and filter are sold at 55 €.

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Now you know a little more on the Neato XV-25. Other tests of robots are in preparation. In fact, be aware that the best way to be kept informed on the publication of new tests is to click i love on our Facebook page.


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