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Review of the Electrolux Rapido hand vacuum cleaner.


A vacuum cleaner robot will never clean the entire surface of a dwelling as they face difficulties maneuvering through the narrow places or even go behind a piece of furniture. In addition, some vacuum cleaner robots may encounter issues effectively cleaning the borders of a room, due to the absence of side brushes seen with ‘The Neato’, one of the best robots vacuum cleaners currently available on the market.

The solution that I have found to put my vacuum cleaner permanently away in the closet is called The Electrolux Rapido (model ZB 4106). A beautiful hand held vacuum cleaner, efficient, functional and with a very good quality/price ratio.

Description of the Rapido of the Electrolux brand

Sleek, stylish, in a beautiful raspberry color while also being ergonomically designed and manageable. This model of vacuum cleaner is incredibly simple to use making it incredibly desirable.


Height, 44 cm. Weight, 1.4 kg.

rapido electrolux hand vacuum cleaner

The battery is a Ni-MH taking only 16 hours to charge when completely empty while having an impressive battery life of 15 min. While it may appear low it is more than adequate for its use, I advise you to always place on its charging base so that it is always for use.

A space under the charging station allows you to retract the surplus of the cord and it is possible to fix the station unit to a wall.

Inside the base of the cleaner is two attachments, one is a furniture brush, the other for slots, which measure approximately 10 cm long. I have been using these features in every part of my home, with the exception of my delicate furniture.

The 2 accessories are intelligently embedded in the base (the crevice tool to slots in at the bottom and the brush attached at the top) .



The end has 2 small wheels, very practical to roll the vacuum cleaner avoiding scratching floor surfaces.



Its power is more than adequate for this type of vacuum cleaner with 7.2V battery. It siphons dust, crumbs and small dirt perfectly. Here is a quick demonstration.

As you have seen it is quite noisy with 78 decibels (more than a vacuum cleaner robot but less than a traditional vacuum cleaner).

The tray can contain up to 0.5 L of dirt.

Emptying the tray is very simple. There is even 2 possibilities!

Either you the empty in the opening as shown in the photo below:


And in video, here is what it is:

It is also able to have the tray emptied with a regular vacuum cleaner via a slot at the end of the Rapido.

Occasional filter cleaning in a necessity for the Rapido. To clean the filter simply empty dust then rinse under hot then cold water.

In conclusion

I am not an expert of hand vacuum cleaners and this is the only model I have tested and reviewed so far. However, I think I can be quite confident I am impressed with this vacuum! It has now undergone 6 months of regular use with little to no complications. Comparatively on the market there are numerous hand vacuums with a slight bit more power, but I am yet to see the benefit of the surplus when this vacuum meets my everyday needs.

Only drawbacks, its blue light which is constantly on when it is charging and his time in loading.


In view of its characteristics and my own experience, I believe the quality / price is quite correct. You will find the price point around 46 €.

The only disadvantage is it’s loading time.

Now that you know a little more about the robots we test and review, stay posted for many more to come!

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