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New Neato XV Signature & Signature pro

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neato XV-15 signature

Neato Robotics have just announced a new series of the Neato XV models called ‘The Signature’Available early in April. No doubt due to the recent decline in popularity of the XV-15 and XV-25 models. This new model is black, yet visually it seems to be identical to its predecessors.

I have not seen much of what’s new in the press release in relation to the XV-15 and 25. However, it does boast the ability to syphon 50% more dirt than its former models.

The Neato XV Signature pro will be sold at $449 with two high performance filters combined with two versatile brushes as well (I believe it will be the two brushes currently sold with the XV-25)

The Neato XV Signature will retail approximately at $399 with a single high-performance filter and a single brush (the one with the plastic slats).

More information to come.


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