How does Whichrobots rate robotic vacuum cleaners?


You can find our current ratings of robotic vacuum cleaners here, based on a maximum score of 200 points over 11 categories.  Coming soon will be the ability for you, the reader, to customize the classification algorithm.

Our final rating is based on subjective and objective scores in 11 categories, but also takes into account your comments.  If you think that a robot has been over- or under-valued, please post a comment justifying your reasons.

Here are the 10 primary criteria we use to rate the various models:

  • Dust bin capacity,
  • Ease and frequency of brush maintenance,
  • Overall Design,
  • Programming (i.e. the features of the robot),
  • Sound Level (how quiet is the robot),
  • Surface coverage (i.e. the area that can be effectively covered in response to a single “clean” command),
  • Maneuverability through difficult situation,
  • Ability to navigate a height differential of 2cm (approx. 3/4 inch),
  • Effectiveness on mats/carpet.
  • Suction

Extra points are awarded for:

  • the ability to update the software via a USB connection

3 Commentaires

  • Your classification about the various features of vacuum cleaners is good but how much weight-age have you given to each feature? Do they have same importance overall?

  • No they don’t. For instance, the suction is more important than the design.

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