Vacuum Cleaner Robot: general classification

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Vacuum Cleaner Robot: general classification The classification below is based on the evaluation of 11 criteria (learn more on the classification).

If you are ready to buy a vaccum cleaner robot and you’re ready to begin your research, I recommend you to read: “The 9 golden rules to adhere to well choose his vacuum robot

#1 Neato Botvac

Since 2011, Neato Robotics have made themselves known  with their first robotic vacuum cleaner, the Neato XV-15. It has revolutionized the world of domestic robots ! Read more…

Note : 17,4/20 – 549€

Kobold-vr100-aspiraeur-robot #2 Kobold VR100 of Vorwerk

The German brand Vorwerk is worth 2.3 billion euros of CA in 2011 and is also one of the principal shareholders of Neato Robotics, sell there newly marketed the robot vacuum cleaner Kobold VR100, an improved version of the Neato XV-25. Read more…

Note : 16,3/20 – 649€
17/20 with the brush of the Neato XV-15 (39€)

roomba-880 #3 Roomba 880

This robot is undeniably one of the best on the market and can definitely replace your canister vacuum. But, it’s also one of the most expensive (costing $699 US for the Model 880). Read more

Note : 16,1/20 – 729€

#3 Neato XV-25

I tested the new filter and the new brush of the Neato XV-25 also known as the XV-21 on my Neato XV-15. Read more…

Note : 16,1/20 – 420€

neato XV 15 aspirateur ROBOT #4 Neato Essential, XV-15 & XV-14

The robot Neato XV-15, known in the United States under the name of Neato XV-11, is certainly one of the best robots vacuum cleaners on the market. Its incorporates a 360 degree laser mapping technology, making it very advanced and revolutionary in the field. Read more…

Note Neato XV-15 : 15,3/20 – 360€
Note Neato XV-14 : 15,3/20 – 300€

 Roomba #5 Roomba 780 & 770 of Irobot

This latest model is an example of a beautiful cleaning efficiency, faithful to the reputation of previous Roomba models. Reed more…

Note Roomba 780 : 15/20    - 485€
Note Roomba 770 : 14,6/20 
- 450€

 aspirateur roomba 650 #6 Roomba 650 of Irobot

Irobot marketed a few months ago the new Roomba 600 to replace the Roomba 500 series of vacuum robot. This comprises of 4 available models: Roomba 620, 630, 650 and 660. Read more…

Note : 14,7/20 – Prix : 359€

lg-hom-bot-square #7 LG Hom-bot Square 1227 & 1229

The results of my various tests are stunning! However the robot encountered problems of navigation, which is relatively important. Read more…

Note Hom-bot Square 1129 : 13,9/20 – 599€
Note Hom-bot Square 1127 : 13,7/20 








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